The taboos surrounding sex are incredibly entrenched - and have been discussed for centuries in shades of closed doors. But new sexual health brands like Maude, Hers and Dame are taking on a new generation of men and women looking to normalize their sexual health and explore it, this time with a delightful vibrator.

From sex toys and lube to feminine cleansing wipes and UTI powders, these brands offer a millennial facelift that makes sex (and its many accessories) a shameless and truly beautiful part of our lives. To be clear, there's nothing wrong with an unabashedly realistic dildo or an upright bottle of lube. But those of us who love design can't help but appreciate a vibrator that can double as a decorative shell. Plus, when you consider the high price tag on some cute sex toys, it makes sense to be tempted to keep them on display (or at least not stuff them in a drawer).

In the future, there are 21 chic sex toys that can be displayed on your nightstand, bathroom counter, mantelpiece, coffee table, and anywhere else - and anywhere indeed.
Gone are the days of mediocre best sex toys settling in. Sexual health companies are more determined than ever to make your fantasy toe orgasms a reality. That means you can expect more from the toys you use, and, in the case of the Better Love blowfish clitoral stimulator (buy, $50), you can expect double the fun.

That's because unlike other toys (vibrating, sucking or thrusting toys only), this best-selling toy is basically two different devices in one. Not only does it feature seven different sucking patterns (similar to traditional clitoral sucking toys), but it also has a magical tongue feature to mimic the fluttering and licking of oral sex. When used together, it's essentially the closest thing you'll ever have to your partner's body. (By the way: this is the way to relax when that happens.)

All things considered, it's obvious why more than 100,000 people have purchased these two-headed toys, especially when you consider the impact that social distance has on everyone's sex life. But what's even more impressive is that the waterproof design also manages to earn a nearly 98% masculine rating, which is one of Ira Heaven's best-selling toys overall - even with popular brands like Product LELO, Satisfyer and Notre Dame products.

While the 30-day satisfaction guarantee definitely doesn't hurt Blowfish's success rate, reviewers clearly show that this toy is really that good. Adjectives such as "addictive," "magical" and "exhilarating" have entered the review pool - many shoppers claim they've never shopped for the pleasure of exclusivity. shopping for the pleasure of exclusivity. (Check out these 13 masturbation tips for the solo game first.)

One shopper wrote: "When it arrived, I tested the blowfish toy and was surprised when I produced a super orgasm with the suction side in less than 30 seconds." " [I couldn't believe it, so I tried again and then squirted after 30 seconds. The tongue side felt better on the slow setting range, but the suction side was exhilarating. I've never been happier with a solo toy."

Another agreed: "This toy is unbeatable. Seriously, my favorite solo orgasm. The tongue is so close to the real thing and the suction side is lovely. Both sides bring you to orgasm quietly and quickly. Blowfish gives you an orgasm. The most natural, longest orgasm you can have, you can have eight orgasms in a row without going numb or losing any sensation. I wish I could accumulate stock for the rest of my life."

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