High quality and high capacity CBD extraction machinery in China.

The popular blog post of the week "A ton of hemp extraction equipment per day" focused on the appearance of a high quality CBD extraction facility.

As seen in WSPA 7News' video "Upstate CBD Oil Processing Facility 'SC Botanicals'," extraktLAB®'s Model 140 supercritical CO 2 extractor is compact enough to fit any size facility. Chris Cortina, director of operations for Botanicals, outlines the supercritical CO 2 extraction process prior to demonstrating its new Model 140.

@ 1:37: "We use a process called 'Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine,' which basically converts the CO 2 obtained from the carbonate beverage into a supercritical form. So, it acts as both a gas and a liquid. Then, when you extract the extract, the extract evaporates immediately, so only the pure oil remains."

@ 3:25 "This is a supercritical CO 2 extractor. The way it works: here we load ground hemp into these columns and pressurize the machine. It takes in supercritical CO 2, which is carbon dioxide gas (the kind of gas you would see in a beverage dispenser), and transforms it into a supercritical state where it acts as both a gas and a liquid. That way it can act as a solvent for CBD and pull it out."

@ 3:52 "It only resides in this vessel, so when you extract the material, the CO 2 dissolves into the air. So the machine pressurizes these containers and the oil flows through the machine and is collected in these collectors. These produce three different grades of oil. Therefore, we collect them separately and essentially homogenize them into a final product."

High-quality CBD extraction machinery
SC Botanicals isn't the only cannabis processor betting on extraktLAB's cutting-edge supercritical technology, which offers "some of the fastest processing methods on the market today," according to GreenRushDaily.

Emerging company Golden Development Solutions recently issued a very enlightening press release, " Golden Development Solutions prepares to launch the launch of its supercritical CO 2 CBD extraction facility in Colorado." This article details the conclusion of the due diligence phase prior to the expansion of the facility.

"Management expects the facility to be fully operational by the summer of 2019. Mechanical orders will be completed within the next 90 days. After a detailed comparative examination of high quality, high volume manufacturers of supercritical CO 2 CBD extraction machinery, the company narrowed its search to " Isolate Extraction Systems and ExtraktLAB" (Gold Development Solutions. 2019).

We are pleased to see our Model 140 supercritical CO 2 extractor careddi Co2 Machine being well received! Recall that our CEO Dr. Jon Thompson's blog post "How to Scale Your Extraction Business to Process a Ton a Day" outlines the Model 140's high performance data.

Extractor area is 25 square feet + cooler area is 25 square feet + compressor area is 1 square foot = 51 square feet.
Extractor is 63 amps + cooler is 15 amps (per extractor) + compressor is 4 amps.
17.6lbs / hr or 8 kg / hr.
Trim in 20% increments of 9 = 1,500-2,000 g/hr. Trimmed in 10% increments9 = 800-900 g / hr.
CO 2 is not limited in quantity because it is not a fire hazard. A permit from the city may be required, but this is (usually) a trivial process.
Employees = three people per 8-hour shift. One person can run up to 6 machines, requiring 1 person to prep 6 machines and 1 person for cleaning/maintenance.
Want to expand your existing operation to a one ton per day cannabis extraction facility? Read more about our facility design and layout services , to see how extraktLAB can help make this happen.