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Objectives of MTÜ ELV – the Estonian Automotive Recyclers’ Association

  • Coordination of members’ activities and exchange of information.
  • Promotion of the environmentally sustainable management of end-of-life vehicles and preservation of the environment through the reuse of spare parts.
  • Supporting the implementation of the principle of producer responsibility in Estonia.

Main duties of MTÜ ELV – the Estonian Automotive Recyclers’ Association

  • Representation of members at various levels (local authorities, state, Europe).
  • Participation in the development of legislation relating to members’ activities.
  • Initiation of joint action and joint projects to enable members to better meet the objectives of their main activities.

MTÜ ELV – the Estonian Automotive Recyclers’ Association is a member of EGARA


  • Collection and purchase of end-of-life vehicles
  • Management of end-of-life vehicles
  • Sale of spare parts for reuse
  • Other services: tow service, automotive repair, etc.

Detailed information about the additional services offered by each salvage yard is available HERE.


The Authorised Salvage Yard (‘Tunnustatud Autolammutus’) certificate is issued by the Estonian Automotive Recyclers’ Association to members that are legally authorised to demolish vehicles and delete them from the traffic register.

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